High Volume Hiring

Creating a Strategy for High Volume Recruitment

In this candidate-driven market, it is a must that you have a robust plan or strategy in place to accomplish your hiring goals and to measure the success of your efforts. Below are a few strategies to consider as you develop your next moves. By incorporating these tactics, it will ensure greater opportunity of success in your hiring goals.

Employment Brand

Your brand is a critical component to igniting candidates’ interest in your organization. Creating an exciting image of how great it is to work at your organization can make you stand out among competitive companies hiring the same talent. The great thing about your brand is that you have complete control of it – this is your chance to create a narrative that best represents what it’s like to work with you and your team.

College Recruiting

Do you have a position that could benefit from hiring new college graduates? If so, get in touch with your local colleges and universities now. Don’t wait until it’s the end of the school year, as many institutions will have job fairs year-round. It is in the best interest of those schools to help find avenues for their students to find great jobs. Take advantage of those relationships and get in ahead of your competition!

Qualified Candidates

This metric measures the number of candidates hired compared to those who made it past the first stage of the screening. It will quantify the effectiveness of your selection process in determining the most qualified candidates to move forward in your hiring process. If you have a large number of qualified candidates who are falling out of your recruiting process.

Rigorous Standards

With a tight time frame, accountability is the watchword. With strong business planning and the efficient use of gearing ratios, monitor and control the execution of the plan and recruiting effort. Afterward, your real-time records will help you determine the strengths and weaknesses in your process and outcomes, which will be valuable for future high-volume seasons.

Hit the Reset Button

Most ramp-up hiring begins with a look at historical data from prior years, but that’s just a baseline. What was done last year isn’t necessarily what will work this year; reviewing and focusing on the need to change as the market tightens is the right approach. In the past, employers were able to acquire talent in a competitive landscape just by increasing the pay rate. However, that change alone is not enough—employers need additional reasons for their offer to be chosen over others. More and more, companies are offering opportunities to work from home and other company benefits in addition to good pay to be seen as an employer of choice.


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